HAYKA® – naturally inspiring!

Everything started with the longing for summer and nights spent under the stars, when designers from the Polish design studio Dizeno came up with the idea of creating bedclothes imitating a haystack. That is how the Hayka bedlinen came into being, and in 2013 for the first time it appeared on Design Open Space – the competition exhibition during Wroclove Design Festival. The product was so well received that the designers decided to market the bedlinen.

That is how the HAYKA® brand was created. Now the offer of the brand includes nature-inspired products of interior design: bedclothes, pillows filled with buckwheat hull, table textiles, decorative cushions. The entire production takes place in Poland from local fabrics of the highest quality.

The main product of the HAYKA® brand is the bedlinen that we like to call „a private haystack for your own home use”. We will find in it not only a semblance of summer adventure but also several intriguing creatures and objects. There are mice, a ladybird, a lost coin and obviously a needle – as always in the haystack. Thanks to these elements the HAYKA® bedlinen arouses so many emotions and brings so much joy. Regardless of how old you are, a ladybird will bring a smile to your face and a mouse can really surprise you. Clients love looking for objects hidden in the hay. Children enthusiastically react to all the animals: it is enough to show them a mouse, and they are ready to spend long minutes to find absolutely everything. Adults approach the hidden animals with a smile, but when they hear about the hidden needle they ambitiously try to locate it.

Additionally, thanks to hidden elements, every bed linen set is unique. Printed fabric goes to the sewing room where it is cut according to the sizes corresponding to various models of bedclothes. At this stage, unique products are created, and thanks to the ladies working in the cutting room some on their bedlinen can find a lost button and others – a moth. Everything depends on the spot of the fabric where a given bedlinen happens to be cut out. It is so amazing because that is the reason why it is practically impossible to find two identical sets of HAYKA® bedlinen.

The main idea behind the brand was to make the product Polish in 100% from the design, through fabric, print to end with packaging. After long weeks of searching, we were finally able to work out a production process so that the final product can explicitly state “designed and made in Poland”. The bedclothes are made of 100% cotton with satin weave. Both the fabric and the print have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate.

On the one hand, the bedlinen imitating a haystack is a simple and very clear idea, and on the other hand it brings back forgotten emotions and memories. HAYKA® is a semblance of your old sensations, summer serenity and curiosity. It is a natural breath in this rushing, motley world.