Bedlinen collection HAYKA® are our most recognizable and most often rewarded products. A haystack, Baltic beach, stable straw or fragrant alpine meadow are places full of memories, moments of pure idleness, as well as evocative and very realistic fabric patterns.


In 2013 for the first time, HAYKA bedlinen appeared on Design Open Space – the competition exhibition during Wroclove Design Festival. A few years later the HAYKA brand changed its name to FOONKA. Interesting facts from the history of the brand.


Interesting combinations of different materials, colours and patterns. Nature-inspired projects and sets. See how HAYKA bedding works in various interior designs.


Choosing the right size of your bedding is not an easy task. Our offer includes standard bed linen sizes of most European Union countries. Check the size chart that will help you to choose the right set.